Manage Photo Metadata

“Must-have if you want to share photos without metadata.”

– Federico Viticci,

Check your photo’s metadata.

Metapho is a simple and clean viewer for photo metadata such as file size, camera model, ISO, shutter speed, GPS location and more.

Edit location.

Add a location metadata to a photo taken with your nice but GPSless camera. Change the geodata of that photo with slightly wrong position on the map. Modify camera direction metadata for more accurate future reference. All changes are synced via iCloud Photo Library.

Control your privacy.

If you care about privacy when you’re sharing a photo to public, erasing personal data from the photo is easy with Remove Metadata feature. Since it’s a non–destructive operation, restoring is also simple.

Use anywhere with iOS share sheet.

Metapho Action lets you check metadata and remove it before sharing, anywhere with iOS share sheet. And Photo Edit extension lets you view/erase metadata right in the Photos app.