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Does Metapho re–compress images?

Yes and no. This is how iOS Photos framework works. When you edit a photo, regardless third–party or Photos, iOS does not touch the original file. The app has to ask iOS to store a new, edited JPEG in addition to original one. The new file must have 1 orientation (normal, top-left). In this process, for non–1 oriented images are rotated to 1 orientation and re–compressed. Since re–rendering is inevitable for rotated images, Metapho uses very low compression rate for minimum quality loss. And 1 oriented images are not re–compressed.

Where can I find Metapho Action?

When you’re sharing an image via iOS share sheet, the bottom row of icons is where action extensions are. Tap the right most “More” icon and turn on Metapho.

How to remove metadata permanently?

Tap Safe Share button—share button with dotted line, then select “Share without Metadata” to show iOS share sheet, and then tap “Save Image” icon from bottom row. A new image without metadata will be added to your Photos Library.

Does Metapho support iCloud?

Metapho is built upon the Photos framework, works great with iCloud Photo Library.


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